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Katie offers a wide range of facial services

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Great for all skin types, super-serums rich with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acids

Custom Facials

Katie's Signature Custom facials have been raved about as the best facials in Carpinteria


Glycolic peels, Dermabuilder and more. Your skin will feel and look hydrated & refreshed, lighter, brighter and tighter!


Award winning wax from Australia for sensitive skin. - Add brow shape & lip wax to your facial.


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"I bring Katie my tired, aging, sensitive, sun damaged skin and she waves the Magic HydraFacial wand at me...and I am renewed! My skin never looked or felt better than after that super effective and lush treatment. We are lucky to have this affordable luxury in our back yard!"

"My skin has never felt this clean smooth and happy. I'm thrilled with Katie's HydraFacial & I highly recommend this to everyone. Katie can adapt the cleansing to your type of skin. The best part of this experience is where she does it - in CARPINTERIA!"

“Fantastic results with no down time other than a relaxing studio visit to Katie. My skin, with the first Hydrofacial visit, showed results I didn’t think were possible. Now after a few treatments, my skin continues to refine and smooth. I can’t wait for my next appointment! Thank you, Katie, for your experience and expertise!”

"'Katie the Facial Lady' is a true treasure to Carpinteria. Her level of expertise and professionalism is unparalleled. I have been enjoying her facials for years. She continues to add to her studio and her list of amazing options. Her latest acquisition, a hydra facial machine, is first rate. She is helping myself and the rest of her clientele maintain a youthful sparkle we would not come even close to achieving without her skill. Do yourself a favor and book a treatment today."

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of my mother during herThanksgiving visit here. She has had many facials, but she says she has never had one as wonderful as yours. Thanks for making her visit with me so special! She kept repeating over and over, “Oh, my skin feels so good . . . oh, that was so relaxing!”

"I have been having facials by Katie for several years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. Katie is very caring, gentle in her treatments and always uses natural products. I have felt that doing this every month or two has really helped my skin as I have gotten older. Then I recently stepped up to having my first HydraFacial, and I still can't believe how much better my skin looked and felt after just one treatment. It was very clear, moisturized, and soft to the touch. I even think that many fine lines were lessened. Still a week later I am able to still see and feel the difference. I know the cost of this kind of treatment in a dermatologist's office, and Katie's treatment is a true bargain. I already have my next appointment for my HydraFacial, and I look forward to this treatment."

About Katie

Katie, The Facial Lady, after years in the corporate world decided to change her direction. Spurred by a desire to control her adult acne she enrolled in The Santa Barbara Cosmetology Academy, and after an intense internship Katie secured her first job at the Five-Star Four Season's Biltmore Spa.... More.